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Following publication of the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) Business Plan 2018/19 and DP18/2: Transforming #culture in financial services, I am very proud to have been asked to facilitate a #BehaviouralEconomics Roundtable at #CassBusinessSchool.

With speakers from the FCA, Behavioural Insights Team and City, University of London and attendees from across the #insurance sector, it will certainly be an interesting and lively debate.

With market challenges, regulatory changes as well as the emergence of new technologies, the #Insurance industry is on the cusp of transformation.

Recent years have seen the growing use of Behavioural Economics, with organisations looking to better understand and influence #consumer behaviour to gain competitive advantage.

The insurance industry is beginning to explore the use of Behavioural Economics to understand the root causes of issues that still need to be addressed. Will better #culture lead to better #customer outcomes? And how can the principles of Behavioural Economics be used to drive these changes?

Reciproco provides knowledge integration across risk, solvency and strategy, including digital transformation, leading complex and unique projects in regulated sectors. Helping senior executives and management teams focus on strategic challenges to create a competitive advantage.

Darren Munday is the founder and Managing Director of Reciproco. An experienced executive with over 20 years’ global experience with multinational companies, including Chief Risk Officer reporting to the Board.

Darren is an Honorary Visiting Fellow of the Digital Leadership Research Centre, Cass Business School where he also holds an Executive MBA.  Darren is a Certified Fellow of the Institute of Risk Management (CFIRM) and Chartered Insurance Risk Manager (ACII) of the Chartered Insurance Institute.

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