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Enterprise Risk Management advisory services to Board and C-Suite executives in the insurance and investment management sectors


Helping clients address their most strategic challenges by creating and delivering solutions that deliver tangible business outcomes

Businesses increasingly recognise the commercial benefits of applying Enterprise Risk Management to address strategic priorities

Our Services

Enterprise Risk Management
Aligning risk management, economic capital and corporate strategy

Our Enterprise Risk Management services draw on our proprietary methodology

  • Risk Strategy
  • Risk Operating Model improvement
  • Enterprise Risk Management Framework
  • Economic Capital Models
  • Strategic Risk Management
  • Risk Transformation programmes
  • Section 166 remediation in response to Skilled Person Reports
  • Operational Risk Management
Leading management research and academic teaching that puts you ahead of the competition
  • Business Insight & Innovation Programme – Cass Executive Education, Cass Business School
  • Digital Leadership Research Centre – Cass Business School
  • Behavioural Economics Lab – City, University of London
Interim Executive
Our Interim Management Practice helps our clients fill critical skills gaps with an experienced executive, at a time of transition, crisis or change.

An effective communicator at Board and C-suite, capable of leading forward-looking and commercial teams of Subject Matter Experts.

  • Chief Risk Officer/Risk Director


Darren Munday provides Enterprise Risk Management advisory services to the Insurance and Investment Management sectors. Helping senior executives address strategic challenges, by delivering solutions that create significant value and improve business performance.

Darren is an experienced executive, with over 20 years’ global experience with multinational companies, including Chief Risk Officer reporting to the Board. Darren is an Honorary Visiting Fellow of the Digital Leadership Research Centre, Cass Business School where he holds an Executive MBA. Darren is also a Certified Fellow of the Institute of Risk Management and Chartered Insurance Risk Manager of the Chartered Insurance Institute.

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Major projects and professional experience

Experience in Financial Services covers, General and Life Insurance, London Market, Investment Management, Capital Markets and digital start-up.

  • JV Transitional Services Agreement – The U.K.’s third largest personal insurer
  • Business Insight & Innovation Programme – Specialist London Market insurer
  • Section 166 remediation – U.K. subsidiary of a global life, health and disability insurer
  • ICAAP – U.K. based management subsidiary of a global insurer
  • Operational Risk Capital methodology – A mutual insurer, retirement and investment group
  • Enterprise Risk Management Framework – International Markets Division of a global healthcare group
  • Section166 remediation – The world’s leading market for specialist Property & Casualty insurance
  • Chief Risk Officer – Insurance subsidiary of a FTSE 100 company
  • Head of Enterprise Risk Management, International Region – FTSE 100 Global Insurer