Are you someone who wants a good deal for yourself and others. Perhaps you were fortunate enough to benefit from a charity at some point in your life and now you want to give back.

Ed wouldn’t be a homeowner, or a father, now if it weren’t for the support of Help for Heroes after he left service. He knows how important it is to protect what you value, and can’t think of a better way to get the insurance he needs than to simultaneously give a little to the people who made all the difference in his life. Hopefully his donation, along with others like him, will make all the difference for another veteran, and his family.


What causes are you passionate about? It's your choice which charity should benefit. There are many good causes to support and now is your opportunity to become a force for good.

Sally has run the London marathon for the past 3 years in a row. She always runs for Strides against MS - ever since her sister was diagnosed. Keeping in mind how much every pound counts in the search for better treatments Sally relishes the opportunity to give a bit more when she covers her holiday flat against accident or damage. Reciproco was the right choice for her.


Maybe you don't support any particular charity, but are concerned about a particular issue - let us know what cause you support and we'll donate to our most popular charity in that category.

Henry loves the model and idea of Reciproco, an insurance company that is more interested in giving than getting but isn’t sure where to send his donation. He wants it to matter to the charity who gets it, so he reads the Reciproco blog on giving smart and finds out which are the most effective UK charities. From there he decides that he would quite like to support an animal welfare charity, as his dog, Monster, means so much to him, and Henry can’t imagine his life before adopting him from the shelter.

Corporate partner

Do you support a Charity of the Year through a work related scheme?

Maggie needs to insure her empty flat now that she has moved in with her fiance. Reciproco seems like the best way to go, with a community rate that gets her the best deal and a charity donation. She doesn’t have a particular cause in mind, but her office has chosen to support Mind this year and she would like her contribution to be part of that scheme. With verification on Day 15 of her policy she can add her donation to that of the rest of her office to make the biggest impact possible while getting the coverage she needs.

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