The Art of Effective Giving

Why it's important to donate effectively With the amount of suffering that occurs in today's world, it is critical that we donate to the charities that strive to make the biggest difference. However, not all charities are effective. So even though the charity of choice is ...

We have run the numbers……..

In February 2017 Lemonade published their Social Impact Report for the first 100 days of trading. As a Public Benefit Corporation social good is part of Lemonade's legal mission and business model - not just marketing fluff, so we are told. However a closer examination of the ...

Applying behavioural insights to charitable giving

Reciproco exists to take care of the things that matter most to you; the possessions you value and the causes you care about. Our basic proposition is very simple - Together, we do good. You could emphasise the together part of this, or the good part. We emphasise the doing ...

The Founder’s Story - Bringing insurance and charitable giving together

The passion behind Reciproco Like you, we're just ordinary people trying to make a difference. So here's a little more about us. How it all started Henok and I first met at Cass Business School. Whilst on a study tour in South Africa, we visited start-ups, innovation labs and ...

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