The Art of Effective Giving

Why it’s important to donate effectively

With the amount of suffering that occurs in today’s world, it is critical that we donate to the charities that strive to make the biggest difference.

However, not all charities are effective. So even though the charity of choice is completely in your hands, we think it’s important to choose carefully so that you can ensure your donated money is being used to its full potential.

It’s also important to remember that just because a charity is well known or large, doesn’t mean it’s ineffective in what it does.

This is also why we offer you something that isn’t like the ‘cozy’ partnerships that currently exist between some charities’ trading entities and insurance providers.

We have created a platform that empowers people who care to help their communities. We do that by providing a reputable and independent source of charitable fundraising.

Because we believe that people naturally want to do good already…

…so we’re empowering you to donate and choose effectively because it is only what we actually do that makes us a force for good.

Be extraordinary

You’re already doing extraordinary things for the causes you believe in.

This is an amazing achievement in itself because you’re prepared to get dirty, muddy and scruffy - and so are we.

The people at Reciproco have done the same for the causes they love, which is why it’s you who decides who will benefit. We know you have chosen your charity for personal reasons because we have too.

As we grow, we give back more. The more people that join us, the more money we can donate, simple as that.

Reciproco is caring, purposeful and different

And how are we these things?

We are these things because we reciprocate your caring and purposeful actions to make a difference. It’s the very core of what we stand for.

It’s all in the name.

Become a force for good today

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