Insure your valuables and become a force for good in society

Imagine...you’ve trained for months, at times to the breaking point. Maybe even shed blood, sweat and tears.

But you’ve done it for Cancer Research, and now the money you raised could help fund a clinical trial for a lifesaving new drug.

Or maybe you’ve donated it towards Children In Need, to help a disadvantaged child.

Without defining the scope of charities that do amazing work, we know that you have put yourself through hard work to raise money for the causes closest to your heart.

And so have we.

Just like you, we get our hands dirty, sweat and cry for what we are passionate about.

We know how extraordinary it feels to cross that finish line, knowing that you donated to a cause that you connect to.

Just like you, we walk the talk because it is only what we actually DO that makes a difference.

Which is why Reciproco stands out from other insurance providers. We have the same vision for change that you do, which is why we donate 50% of our commission to the charity of your choice.


The insurance industry is not necessarily a sector that you trust to help you, or that you feel cares about your personal needs.

This is why we are transforming the insurance industry and charitable giving, so you can support the causes you are passionate about.

But what does this all mean?

Getting to the root of it, our name comes from the word ‘Reciprocity’ which means ‘the practice of exchanging things with others for mutual benefit.’ The idea of giving back to you as you have given to us is integral to everything we stand for as a company.

It’s all about protecting what matters to you, which to us, is far more important than protecting our profit.

That’s why we are extending your extraordinary achievement by donating 50% of the commission we receive from your purchase to a charity of your choice.

How will we do this for you?...

By bringing people like you together into insurance communities, we can negotiate a better deal and get the best price. We can imagine it must be frustrating to feel like insurers don’t listen to your needs as an individual.

And remember, it’s you who decides who benefits from your donation. You can continue to make a difference, but this time with no additional cost, and only the sweat of a mouse click.

We believe a product is good when it’s also able to do good. Our vision in its simplest form is to do good.

The power is back into your hands.

No strings attached. We care about you and we care about helping people. So why wouldn’t we want to help you, help other people?

Start walking the talk.

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