The Sharing Economy – We’re Better Together

The rise of the ‘Sharing Economy’

Over the past couple of years, digital innovation has caused the rapid growth of a new way of doing things, better known as the sharing economy. In basic terms, the ‘sharing economy’ is about increasing competition and offering new products and experiences for customers, using digital platforms.

However, as is bound to happen with anything new, some disruptive business models, which have claimed to follow the mould of a ‘sharing economy,’ have come under scrutiny for their practices.

For this reason we want to tell you why and how we are different.

Why We Are Different

Reciproco have built a customer focused business model incorporating the best elements of the sharing economy - instant connection to the services you want and ease of digital access.

We want to become a force for good whilst disrupting the existing insurance sector model.

That’s why we create insurance communities of like-minded people, in order to benefit those communities. This means that we are focused on helping bring together individuals who want and need the same things as you.

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On top of that we enable you to share your donation with a charity of your choosing. This means that literally everyone involved in the process experiences a positive social contribution.

Good, isn’t it?

Our core values and ‘Sharing Economy’

Sharing is caring…

…and caring is our default behaviour. So the concept of mutual benefit is essentially everything Reciproco strives for, for you and for every one of our customers.

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We know it is only what we actually do that makes a difference. It’s our driving force - to create benefit for the communities we serve.

Which comes to another important point...as we grow, we can give back even more to you, your communities, and your shared causes. The more we do, the more we help.

This is also why we have free membership on our online platform, so that you can share your interest in charities that you care about with your friends.

And thus it comes full circle in the name of ‘Reciprocity’ -  we guarantee a 50% donation of the commission from your purchase to a cause of your choice.

Simple yet effective.

Hence why, we can be better together.

Start sharing with people who care.

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