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How can you donate more than other insurance companies?
Donating as much as possible to deserving charities that our customers are passionate about is who we are. It’s what matters the most. That is reflected in our mission and our business model. Learn how we’ve shaken up the industry here (link to video).
But what about profit?
The other 50% we do hold on to goes into keeping things running smoothly for you and creating new communities.
Okay, but, seriously, why?
Everyone on the Reciproco team wants to do good, above all else. We love doing what we’re good at - Insurance, Accounting, Marketing, Tech - and using those skills to create a new way to give to charities.
Why only offer niche insurance? I like what you do, but your product isn’t right for me.
By creating communities around specialist insurance we can get better deals for policyholders, and build communities that are able to donate more to their chosen charities. If we don’t have something that suits you, tell us!

Email us at and we will do what we can to make our next new product one that you can get on board with.
Why doesn’t my donation go through until Day 15?
We want to give as much as you do! But we have to wait for the 14 day cooling off period after you purchase your policy to donate. We will let you know when we do.
Can I really choose ANY charity I want to donate to?
We know how important a personal connection to a charity can be. So long as they are a UK registered charity, if you love them, we love them, too.
What if I don’t know which charity to choose?
There are so many deserving charities (over 160,000 in the UK) to choose just one can seem daunting. We suggest starting with our article on choosing an effective charity and then choosing the one that feels right. Read our Founders’ story to see which ones we connect to.

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