Protect yourself, help your cause

Buy your insurance through our platform and we will donate
50% of our commission to the charity of your choice.
Only what we actually do makes a difference. Sign up now and be part of our launch.

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Changing the way you buy insurance 

By making you part of an online insurance community we can secure a better deal with insurers.

When you buy a policy we will donate at least 50% of our commission to a charity of your choice.

You become a force for good.

So we can change the world 

Our name comes from ‘reciprocity’, the practice of exchanging things with others for mutual benefit.

You insure the possessions you value and then we give back to the causes you care about.

Together, our insurance communities empower change.

One donation at a time

We believe in the impact of charitable giving and value the connection between people and causes.

Lots of insurance companies work with charities but we are the only one to guarantee a minimum donation from our commission, before costs.

Your cause is our cause.

Reciproco is a trading name of Insurance4Good Ltd, which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (Financial Services Register No 739478).